Comfy Travel Clothes

Ah travel day… I love new adventures and seeing new places but I won’t say I love being stuck in a giant metal tube in the sky for hours on end.  That’s why when I fly or even when I drive long distances, I’m all about comfort.  

Now I’m not one of those people who’s going to fly in their pajamas.  If you’re one of those people, I’m not sorry for saying this but try harder.  We’re allllll in the same boat, or should I say plane.  

Now looking put together while traveling doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort, which is why I’m all about that stretchy good good.  I’ve gathered several pieces I’m wearing while I travel now and things that are in my cart.  

What I’m wearing today…

(Shirt Link . Jumpsuit Link)

*A note on footwear: I usually wear a comfy sneakers and ALWAYS socks! Think about all the germs you pick up on an airport floor. Yeah. Socks. Always.

What I’ll probably be wearing in the future 😉

(Olive Jogger Link . Black Long Sleeve Link . Blue Jumpsuit Link)

(Purple Turtleneck Link . Two Tone Relaxed Tee Link . Zip Up Sweater Link)

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