Blue Light Glasses

Let’s talk eyewear! 

I remember being a kid and desperately wanting glasses because the cool girl in class wore glasses… Don’t judge, but I tried everything to try to convince myself (and my parents) that I needed them. . . I even squinted during my eye exam all in the name of eye fashion. 

What could I say? I was committed to the aesthetic.  

Well lucky for those of us who love glasses but don’t need them, blue light glasses came onto the scene a little while back and for good reason too!

I noticed a while back that after a long day of staring at the screen, my eyes were dry, itchy, and some days, they even hurt. After I started wearing blue light glasses, all of that magically went away!  These glasses block the light constantly streaming into your beautiful eyes. And let’s face it, we get more screen time than we should.  

Nevertheless, I was ecstatic when I could finally pop on a pair of fancy specs in the name of my health AND fashion.  

I’m wearing the Chilling in tortoise from EyeBuyDirect.  Truly, they are such a great company that offers styles for every face at a great price. 

I highly recommend blue light glasses even if you don’t necessarily want to be a four-eyes.  They honestly are miracle specs.