Fall/Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

(Dress: Lieth , Shoes: Amazon)

I feel like this age I’m at now (25) is prime for weddings.  Honestly, I love weddings! What’s not to love? Free food, drinks, dancing, and getting to celebrate with friends.  There’s nothing better.  

BUT with all the weddings we go to, it can be a struggle to freshen up the wardrobe without repeating yourself.  So as a kick off to Wedding Week, I’ve rounded up some great options for fall/winter weddings. And included my new favorite dress! 

When I tell you I felt like $10M in this dress, I’m not exaggerating.  This Lieth dress from Nordstrom is truly one of the most flattering, fun pieces I’ve ever owned and it’s never leaving my closet.  The square neckline is having a moment (let’s be honest, square necklines are always having a moment.)  The long sleeve is key for a colder wedding while the slit adds a little sumthin sumthin.  

I’ve paired this dress with some Manolo Blahnik knock-offs bc ya girl likes a pretty shoe but prefers not to spend 1K on a pair…  I can attest that these shoes are comfortable for extended periods of time and I 100% back them. The great news about this is that you can also get them in a flat version!  For those high heel averse, it can be hard to find elegant formal shoes so when we find them, we buy them in every color. And at this price point, you can scoop up several versions! 

For this outfit, I kept my jewelry simple with gold pearl studs and a gold pendant necklace.  When you have such a busy pattern and a garment that speaks for itself, it’s important to let that shine.  I also pulled my hair back to showcase my décolletage showcased by the neckline.

I’ve found other options for your colder months weddings, all of which, I would absolutely wear.  I’ll be doing a roundup of accessories later in the week, including shoes, jewelry, bags, wraps, and more…. But in the meantime, take a gander through all the pieces below and happy wedding guest season!

(Dress 1 Link , Dress 2 Link , Dress 3 Link)

(Dress 4 Link , Dress 5 Link , Dress 6 Link)

(Wrap Link , Black Faux Fur Link , Tan Faux Fir Link)