High Street x Budget Friendly

One surefire way to make every outfit look more expensive is by mixing low cost pieces with those high street pieces.

To quote the Devil Wears Prada, “…Club Monaco was couture”.  For a looong time, Old Navy was “expensive” so don’t even get me started on Club Monaco.  Now, I realize everyone has a different salary level and as the daughter of an investment/retirement advisor, I strongly suggest making sure the pieces you invest in are the ones that’ll last you for years.

Those high ticket items don’t have to be a Chanel bag or a Gucci belt (unless you want them to be) so even if you’re not into spending big bucks on those investment pieces, you can still get the lewk with some pretty darn good dupes.  However, if you’re dead set on having more high end, luxury items, check out Poshmark or Ebay.  You can still swipe a gnarly deal.  

This one outfit covers the gamut in price (from Old Navy, to Anne Taylor, to Gucci).  I don’t keep high with high or low with low. Fashion is fashion, whether it costs $5 or $500.  My advice is to make sure your bigger items can go with at least four outfits you already own to make it worth the purchase.  Pair that Goodwill dress with some J.Crew earrings or a Prada clutch. 

For this look, I’ve belted this inexpensive Old Navy dress with this Gucci belt (which I bought years ago and still wear frequently).  And I threw on a pair of hot pink kitten heels because ya girl walks miles and I’m about that high heel life but I’m not about that foot pain. I bought these Ann Taylor heels years ago but you can find similar options here and here!

I bought this Old Navy dress is several patterns/colors because it’s affordable, comfortable, and super summer work appropriate. You can pair this dress with different belts to add a more defined waistline or you can wear it as it is! You can even throw on a blazer if you have a sub-zero office like me!

So go forth with held held high in your Yves Saint Laurent shirt and Walmart skirt!