Commute Crushers (My five favorite podcasts)

In some way or another, I’ve always been a commuter.  Working in Atlanta, even if you live two miles from your place of business, you’re a commuter too.  There’s no getting around that inevitable traffic jam on the Grady Curve or the 400 exit.  

What I’ve found, though, is that podcasts help me feel a little less like I’m wasting my life in a car.  I’ll switch back and forth between educational and entertainment. I’ve listed my top podcasts that help me crush that commute all day, errday.

The Goods


Okay, I am a self proclaimed G.W. fangirl.  The OG president is probably my favorite historical figure so I was intrigued (read: thrilled!) when I found this podcast from the Washington Post covering my favorite American leader along with every other president to date.  Episodes are about 45 minutes long and help you feel a little more connected to our past Commander and Chiefs. You might even learn something that inspires you to enter into a life of public service! 10/10 recommend.

Up and Vanished

I’m one of those people who really enjoys true crime.  I know it’s a little weird but my life is pretty boring and this allows my brain a break from my beige colored walls.  This podcast follows the decade long search for Tara Grinstead. If you haven’t heard of the missing beauty queen from Ocilla, Georgia then you’ve been living under a rock.  Either way, get caught up on the case and now trial (gasp!) of the person/people responsible for the missing Tara Grinstead.

New Mindset, Who Dis?

I can’t say I always feel 100 but Case Kenny makes me feel like I can take on the world.  These 15 minutes podcasts are the jumpstart you need to walk in that cube farm like you own the whole office.  Case offers some real, relatable advice and shares his own struggles on his way to confidence. He also has great Instagram game so give him a listen and a follow.  You won’t be disappointed.

Goal Digger

I couldn’t leave Jenna Kutcher off the list without doing a great disservice to you.  Jenna is a self proclaimed Mac’N’Cheese lover and that’s all I really needed to know to get hooked on her podcast.  She is a self-made woman who is literally a guiding star for women (and men) who want to take hold of their future and be their own boss.  She also offers insight into the world of being a business owner, influencer, and overall better human being. You may remember her for her famous clapback at the Instagram comment about her size.  She’s beautiful. She’s smart. And she’ll make you feel like she’s talking directly to you.

Civics 101

Yeah yeah I know, it’s another government podcast.  But seeing as how I work in government, I want to do everything I can to help the general public learn more about the bodies that create laws and govern our country!  Civics 101 is like the grown up version of School House Rock (although admittedly, I still sing “I’m just a Bill” whenever the situation calls for it).  You’ll be proud of all the knowledge this podcast shares and you may even want to share with your coworkers, friends, family, dog, etc.

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