Metallic Work Wear

(Silver Blouse Link Here . Silver Skirt Link Here)

Can you wear metallic to the office? I don’t know, is the sky blue???

In other words, metallic absolutely has a place in the corporate world.  On the Monday Minute this week, I mentioned that you don’t have to go full Tin Man to incorporate shine into your work wear. 

(Silver Blouse Link Here . Silver Skirt Link Here)

I was wandering around Target one day (if I’m not at home, I’m at Target…wandering, spending, shopping) and this blouse caught my eye.  I thought “Wouldn’t this be awesome if there was a matching skirt?!” Ask and ye shall receive, y’all. The Lord heard my prayers and the light of heaven shown down on the coordinating skirt to this top and the angels wept.  Okay a tad dramatic but I’ve got to let that high school theater kid out somehow!!

I doubt you’ll weep when you wear this outfit but it will add joy to your 9-5!  I found both the blouse and the skirt run large so I recommend sizing DOWN! This fabric feels incredibly comfortable as opposed to other slinky material; it didn’t make me feel ~weird~.  

(Silver Blouse Link Here . Silver Skirt Link Here)

I threw on a patterned coat for when you’ve got to run to lunch or the meeting down the street.  This particular coat is from TopShop and while it’s from last year, there are tons of similar styles available.  The great thing about a classic style like this is the year after year use you get. I also love the somewhat neutral color and pattern as it goes with just about anything and can be dressed up or down.  

You could continue the metallic theme with a shiny shoe but I paired it with a pair of black pumps.  If you don’t currently have a pair of simple black pumps, I *highly* suggest you invest in a good pair that will last you many moon.  I wanted to make sure this look wasn’t too off the charts so adding black brought it back down to earth.  

(Silver Blouse Link Here . Silver Skirt Link Here)

In case a top and skirt weren’t enough, I also grabbed the matching silver purse that I’m never, ever letting go.  It’s the perfect size and comes with a shoulder strap.  

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Happy Holidays, y’all!