Metallic New Year’s Eve

(Sweater Link HERE . Silver Pants Link HERE . Earrings – Similar HERE)

Admittedly, my favorite holiday is Christmas (i luv bb Jesus) BUT my favorite party is a New Year’s Eve shindig. Something about saying “buh bye” to a full 12 months of the past feels somewhat righteous. And nothing fills us with hope like the resolutions that we’re definitely going to break keep this year. 

I love the sparkle, the confetti, and the forever fruitless optimism that this’ll be the year there’s someone to kiss as the ball drops… still waiting on that one. 

(Sweater Link HERE . Silver Pants Link HERE . Earrings – Similar HERE)

Nevertheless, this is the time to dress up! I’m talking full metallic, full sparkle; bring it on. I’ve done NYE a plethora of ways, but my favorite kind of party is a house party, which means the style is a bit different. For my “house NYE party” look, I’m keeping my metallic theme going with these silver culottes, a grey Fairisle sweater, and fabulous (and cheap) rhinestone earrings. I’m happy about what color goes well with silver. I can honestly say this is my favorite look to date! It’s comfy but still brings the glam, even at home. . 

(Sweater Link HERE . Silver Pants Link HERE . Earrings – Similar HERE)

This grey sweater is oversized so make sure to size down if you want a more fitted look.  And the pants run large as well so choose your size accordingly. 

*SN: Some of my favorite sources for NYE party pieces: HM, Asos, Macy’s, Nordstrom 

Grocery List:

Grey Fairisle Sweater

Silver Pants

Rhinestone Earrings (sold out but similar here

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