Monday Minute – Nail Your Next Job Interview

Hello and welcome to the first Monday Minute of 2020!  

For a lot of people, the start of a new year has them on the hunt for a new job.  And while it’s exciting when you start to receive invitations to interview with your dream company or organization, actually nailing that interview is easier said than done.  

That’s why this week is dedicated to helping you crush your next job interview and look good while doing it.  

I’ll be sharing the second episode of the podcast where you’ll learn from the absolute BEST in the HR world (seriously, she’s literally the best and you won’t want to miss it).  This podcast isn’t just for people on the job hunt, it can also help you better interview potential employees if your company is hiring!  

I’ll also be sharing my styling tips for the perfect interview outfit.  

That’s all for now and thanks for watching the Monday Minute!