Smile Brilliant with CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

(CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush link HERE . Use code tesshammock20 for 20% off)

Confession time…I’m on the apps.  The dating apps.  And the ONE thing I notice most is a great smile! Which is why I started using the new CariPro Ultrasonic electric toothbrush and I’m. In. Love. 

I’ve always used an electric toothbrush but they were either too rough or just plain didn’t clean well enough.  And I’m not even going to start in on manual brushes. After years of trying different brushes, I had resigned myself to using off-the-shelf, mediocre toothbrushes.  Enter CapriPro

I started using this TOOTHBRUSH OF THE FUTURE weeks ago and my teeth haven’t been this clean in an embarrassingly long time.  Thanks to CariPro’s five settings (including ‘sensitive’ for my wimpy gums) and four gentle reminders to time brushing sessions to perfection, I actually get excited about brushing my teeth!    

And if that wasn’t enough to make me click ‘add to cart’, this gadget even has a ‘whitening’ setting to help lift plaque in order to whiten my teeth even more!  (White teeth = a more confident Tess). So in addition to everyday brushing, I use the “White” setting to help keep my smile bright and brilliant.  

I could wax on about my love for my toothbrush or I could just say that it’s honestly the best oral care system I have EVER used.  Not only do I stand by this brush, but CariPro does too, with a TWO YEAR warranty and amazing customer service.  

Now when I sign on to my dating app, I’m confident to put my best foot (and smile) forward.  So what are you waiting for?! Use CODE: tesshammock20 to get 20% off your order and start sharing your beautiful smile with the world.  

CariPro Ultrasonic electric toothbrush: 100% guaranteed to keep your mouth cleaner and get you more dates!