My Favorite Summer Work Dress

Ah summer… I love you on the weekends.  I hate you Mon-Fri.

I don’t understand how dressing for work during the summer months creates the problems it does but alas, it does.  I’m either sweating through a suit or getting a blister from a leather shoe. Either way, it’s a “no” from me, dog…

Summer in the South (capital “S”) is by far The. Worst.  Not only is the temperature stupid hot but it’s also HUMID.  (Insert “It’s not the heat that gets you… it’s the humidity” catchphrase here).

But no matter how  hot it gets, there’s a few go-to items I have in my closet for when it’s the middle of summer, no end in sight, heat-stroke inducing, time of the year.  

I bought this linen dress somewhat on a whim and I freakin’ love it.  It’s a classic style made of a heat-friendly stretch fabric. Normally “stretch” and “linen” don’t appear together but in this case, they’re the favorite couple that you always hoped would invite you over to dinner.  

I love the tan but the best news is this dress comes in not one, not two, but THREE colors! And because this fabric is now my summer ride-or-die, I’ve added a ton of it to my cart and I highly recommend perusing J.Crew’s entire stretch linen line. I promise it will change your life.

And I’ve been Living in these slides that go with literally everything. They look about 100% more expensive than they actually are and they’ve more than paid for themselves.

So go forth, my friends, with no fear of sweat stains and conquer your summer work wardrobe!