Thanksgiving Dress + Tablescape

(Dress: HM) *psssst: it’s under $30

Thanksgiving is basically the middle child of the holidays.  Halloween gets everyone ready for the season and Christmas is the real star but what about Thanksgiving?  It easily gets lost in the rush to get into holly jolly season. (I’ll admit, I have already started playing Christmas music.  Sue me.) 

But I think this year, I feel like it’s more important than ever to stop, look around us and realize that, as the Josh Groban (hawt) song says, “There’s so much to be thankful for.” 

I haven’t talked about my faith on here but it’s not a secret.  Christ, Jesus’ sacrifice, and our salvation through Him are my most cherished gifts.  My family and the support they’ve shown over this very long, tough year. My friends, who constantly challenge me but love me where I am.  The lessons I’ve learned (whether easily learned or hard fought). The new exciting, albeit scary, projects and adventures. And all the new people that have somehow, thankfully, found their way into my life in the past 12 months (you know who you are). 

Those are the things I am very, very thankful for.  

In addition to taking time to center myself and express gratitude to God, I also love getting to celebrate with my family!

**SN: I also think Friendsgiving is vitally important as we don’t celebrate our friendships near enough.  

I grew up gathering ideas from my mom’s “Southern Living” clippings and old magazines. So I always had this picture of what Thanksgiving should look like.  However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized it’s so much more than recreating an editorial picture. It’s who’s sharing that scene with you.

Now, that extremely sentimental sentence does NOT keep me from hard-core table-scaping and throwing on a great dress; it just puts it a little more into perspective.

The Dress

(Dress: HM)

This year, I wanted to highlight my favorite color: green!  I love the browns, reds, and oranges of the season but this year, I was feeling green.  This HM dress is actually perfect for the eating holiday as the belt can (and will) find itself off my body before I finish my first plate. In other words, this dress is FOOD BABY FRIENDLY! And comes in under $30! 

I recommend pairing this dress with tights and booties or knee highs.  Honestly, this baby will probably go over really well while you’re taking your post-meal nap and watching football on the couch. 

The Table

(sunflowers are my favorite, in case anyone is wondering…)

Tablescapes are one of my favorite things to put together:

  1. It’s has a predetermined purpose
  2. You’re challenged to layer within the small space

We’re not necessarily messy eaters, we’re just lazy cleaners.  So we usually opt for no table cloth but if you’re in the mood for some linen with your turkey, by all means, use a tablecloth.  Instead, we may use a runner or leave the table with just place mats.  

I like to mix materials to add depth to the place setting.  The base mat is a woven rope material topped with a gold charger for added warmth.  Then, I placed a patterned white plate underneath a small woodland plate. While you might be saying “Tess, that’s basically FOUR things at one setting!” You’d be right.  And I’d be right in saying, “It’s the holidays! I can have TEN plates at one setting if I want.” Live a little.  

We bust out the nice napkins for company (instead of just tearing off a piece of paper towel).  You don’t have to purchase napkin holders; in fact, I love the way a piece of thin twine or ribbon looks on top of a crisp white napkin.  I popped in a fresh sprig of rosemary to add texture and color. Not only does this create a little interest, it also makes your hands smell amazing! 

You can add any large pumpkin or centerpiece to your table to create a finished look. Or you could just leave that space empty for the bread basket… Honestly, probably a better option.  

The most important thing is that you’re able to fit all your guests around your table.  No one likes to be squished because you just had to add that ninth pumpkin or it “Wouldn’t be Thanksgiving.”  This is a casual holiday for most of us and while we enjoy the celebration, let’s treat is for what it really is: A time to begin reflecting on our blessings.  

I hope you and your family enjoy this wonderful time of year and that you feel the true meaning during this holiday season.  

Now let’s go eat!