Monday Minute – Shop Small

The Monday Minute – November 25, 2019

Hi! And welcome to the first Monday Minute!

For our first MM, we’re talking about Shopping SMALL! This week is Thanksgiving which means good food and great shopping.  With Black Friday less than 5 days away, it can be tempting to shop at only large brand name stores. While those larger stores (like Target) are great for budget items, this year, I’m challenging myself to support my hometown by shopping at small businesses.  

For every $100 spent at a small business, $68 go right back into the community as opposed to less than half with large chain stores.  When you shop small, you support the family down the street and in turn, your entire town.  

So this year, instead of waking up and standing in those long lines, make sure you shop small and shop home for the holidays. 

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