White Summer Dress

(Dress: Target – Shoes: Amazon – Bag: Target)

There’s nothing quite like an all white ensemble.  You’re literally the breath of fresh air that people are missing from the workplace.  I love black for the office (let’s face it, I love black for anywhere, any time) but I need a break from the dark colors in the summertime.  And I’m willing to bet everyone else does too.  

*Enter this gorgeous cream colored linen dress*.  This dress is possibly my favorite summer dress to date (I know I say that about every one but I try to love my babies equally).  It’s hard to find a dress that is 1. Long enough 2. Thick enough 3. Covers enough while not smothering you in fabric. And if that’s the criteria for white summer dresses, this baby has it all.  But best of all…

It has POCKETS! That’s right. POCKETS.  Take that patriarchy.

What I love most about white is that you can pair it with any color shoe or accessory and it works!  White is basically the idiot proof color that everyone can wear and you can’t mess up. Now if you spill coffee on yourself then yes, you’ve messed up but we’re not going to speak that into existence.  

White summer dresses always remind of that scene from Under the Tuscan Sun where Diane Lane sports the most gorgeous linen frock while riding on a Vespa across the Italian landscape…. I won’t promise your life will look like that but when you find your white dress, you’re at least halfway there!

What I’ve paired this breezy number with is a simple, timeless shoe: the tie up espadrille.  You’ve no doubt seen these comfy summer heels on blogger after blogger. I myself decided to “bite the bullet” and buy a pair of the Castaner espadrilles.  While I loved them, you’ll be happy to know I discovered THESE for less than half the price! I’m always a little wary of Amazon shoes as their sizing can be off but after I ordered the white pair, I jumped back online and ordered them in black.  I’m telling you, there is very little difference between these $45 dollar dupes and their $130 brand counterpart.  In this case, I say skip the name brand and go for the more cost effective item.  

I ordered these a half size down and I highly recommend following suite.  Tie up espadrilles (of any kind) run large so you’ll usually have to order a different size than your tried and true.  I also tend to tightly lace mine around my ankle so there’s no fear of slipping off. It also helps prevent blisters and keeps your feet from moving around too much.  

In case you’re not one for a heel, there are millions of flat espadrille options out there.  I’ve linked several here, here, and here.

While I wore this to work and carried my large brown leather bag, I always have a cross-body bag or in this case, my small basket purse.  This bag, y’all. I have loved it like I’m gonna lose it and it has been nothing but good to me. Even better, it’s less than $40! I’m all about trend without the tall price tag.  

Whether you’re headed into the office, your local grocery store, or even hopping on the back of your own Vespa, a white dress is just the thing to breathe new life into your summer wardrobe.

(Dress: Target – Shoes: Amazon – Bag: Target)