Your A-Team Rack

Everyone needs an A-Team in their life.  Yes, your close friends and family. But I really mean is an A-Team of wardrobe staples that make you feel 100.  Those mornings that the “alarm just doesn’t go off” (read: you pressed the snooze button too many times) or you’re just flat out not feeling great about yourself, that’s when you need your A-Team.

Your A-Team Rack (ATR) serves as a quick grab of clothes that are ready to wear and that you KNOW you look good in.  

On my ATR, I have my favorite patterns (cheetah, floral, and polka dot) and midi dresses.  The beauty about patterns is that they hide a lot and with midi dresses, you don’t have to shave above the knee!  🙂  

This might take some time for you to figure out what your favorite styles are, which colors/patterns look best on you, and what makes you feel powerful.  I promise you though, when you find those pieces that give you that little ‘oomph’ you’ll be happy you took the time. Now, I know not everyone has space for a supplemental rack, hey that’s what closets are for!  In lieu of a separate space, dedicate a section of your closet to your favorites that way you can simply grab and go.